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Buku Medan Laga Pengendalian Rokok di Indonesia
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Buku Rokok- Mengapa Haram
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Varenicline for Smoking Cessation
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Tobacco or Health Physiological and Social Damages Caused by Tobacco Smoking Second Edition
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Tobacco Science Policy and Public Health
Unlocking the Power of Networks Keys to High Performance Government Innovative Governance in the 21st Century
Interprofessional Collaboration From Policy to Practice in Health and Social Care
Interprofessional Teamwork in Health and Social Care Promoting Partnership for Health
The Sociology of Health Promotion Critical Analyses of Consumption Lifestyle and Risk
The Smoke of the Gods A Social History of Tobacco
The Scientific Basis of Tobacco Product Regulation Second Report of a WHO Study Group Who Technical Report Series
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Better to die than to leave a friend behind industry strategy to reach the young
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